Best Rhinoplasty Specialist in Newport Beach Shares New Success Stories

September 20, 2019 - /PressAdvantage/ - The Rhinoplasty Center, based in Newport Beach, California, has shared some of their most recent success stories, in which their patients praise the clinic’s lead surgeon, Dr. Aaron Kosins, for his attention and expertise. Dr. Kosins is considered one of the best cosmetic surgeons in California, and stands out for being on the cutting edge of Plastic Surgery as an innovator and rhinoplasty specialist. He has helped thousands of patients achieve outstanding rhinoplasty results, both in California and around the world.

While the local clinic is no stranger to receiving positive feedback from their patients, they still make an effort to highlight the praise they receive. By showing their client’s stories, their desires, and progress after their surgeries, The Rhinoplasty Center hopes to clear the doubts of other patients. The clinic states that such testimonials are often an important source of information for new patients, especially if they need encouragement before they make the decision to seek help getting comfortable with their appearance.

Their most recent patient is a 22 year old female of Hispanic descent who approached Dr. Kosins displeased with her nose's shape and look. Dr. Kosins says, "She presented a hump, bulbous nose tip, as well as a very skinny middle third of the nose. She wanted a more refined nose that also did not plunge when she smiled. While the procedure for this kind of case is somewhat complicated, and not every plastic surgeon in California can complete it successfully. I was confident enough in my abilities to reassure her that I would deliver a pleasant result. This made her comfortable enough to proceed with the surgery."

Dr. Kosins can reassure his patients with such confidence thanks to his extensive experience in the field. He has performed thousands of surgeries and observed many more to educate himself on various procedures and techniques. His drive for innovation has led him to adopt the most remarkable aspects of these procedures, and his expertise allows him to obtain results that no other surgeon is capable of ensuring.

Several surgical techniques and procedures are only used in the United States by Dr. Kosins, illustrating his unique position in the field and how he is able to apply his knowledge to the benefit of his patients. For instance, he is the only surgeon in the US who is able to perform Piezosurgery, an innovative technique that allows him to perform rhinoplasty procedures without breaking any bones.

He continues, "During surgery, I removed the hump on her nose, and corrected the plunging tip by rotating it while also shrinking her nostrils. The process was very challenging, since she wished to maintain the characteristic traits of her ethnicity, but the result is very pleasing and both of us are satisfied with it. Her nose is now straight and more symmetrical."

Being able to ensure results like this is what makes the clinic led by Dr. Kosins one of the best rhinoplasty centers in California. They take pride in working alongside their patients to determine the extent to which the procedure must be applied. By getting to know their patients on a personal level and learning what makes them uncomfortable about their appearance, the clinic can devise a strategy to tackle these issues without changing any other areas.

The recovery time for this patient went as expected and, in three months, she had already recovered fully from her surgery. Describing her experience, the patient says, "Dr. Kosins is not like the other surgeons in California, and this was clear from my first consultation with him. He did not push me into deciding about my surgery and, instead, he worked alongside me to determine what exactly I wanted to change about my nose. Only when this was clear did he describe how he could help me and how the surgery would benefit me. I am really glad to have chosen him as my surgeon, and I recommend him to anyone looking for a rhinoplasty surgeon in California."

More information on Dr. Aaron Kosins and The Rhinoplasty Center in Newport Beach is available on their website. It also hosts a gallery that visitors may browse at their leisure. Their website can be accessed through the following link:


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