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Australian PM calls up reservists as fire threats escalate

Jan 4, 2020

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has called up about 3,000 reservists as the threat of wildfires has escalated in at least three states

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China-Australia rift deepens as Beijing tests overseas sway

Oct 3, 2019

Australia’s ban on Chinese telecoms giant Huawei’s involvement in its next-generation networks and its crackdown on foreign covert interference are testing Beijing’s efforts to project its...

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Fijian leader urges Australia to do more on climate change

Sep 16, 2019

Fiji's prime minister has used a state visit to urge Australia to take more ambitious actions to slash greenhouse gas emissions

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New Zealand gun buyback exposes emotions, possibly hustlers

Sep 3, 2019

Some New Zealand gun owners are upset they're being compelled to hand over their assault weapons for money

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New Zealand parliament speaker soothes baby as debate rages

Aug 23, 2019

New Zealand's parliament speaker was in action this week as a baby whisperer, rocking, feeding and burping a colleague's infant as a legislative debate raged

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Hundreds of refugees protest outside Australian Parliament

Jul 30, 2019

Hundreds of protesters have rallied outside Parliament House highlighting the uncertain futures of many refugees since Australia replaced permanent protection visas with temporary visas

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