Austin Vision Therapy Center Stresses the Importance of Proactive Pediatric Eye Care

September 20, 2019 - /PressAdvantage/ - An Austin, Texas center for vision development stresses the importance of the early detection of vision problems that can impact young learners. Since 2004, this has been a key area of focus for the Optometrists and vision specialists at Austin Vision Therapy Center. They are vision experts that use a comprehensive approach to help children with their vision development.

Dr. Denise Smith, Founder and Clinical Director of Austin Vision Therapy Center, says this about how eye problems can impact a child’s ability to learn, “Vision can have a negative effect on a child’s learning abilities if not properly developed. It’s estimated that 1 in 4 school-aged children have an undiagnosed vision problem. At Austin Vision Therapy Center, we use advanced techniques that help detect and treat visual conditions that impact learning. Finding this critical link between vision and learning can help any child avoid years of struggling to keep up with their peers.”

Dr. Smith also stated that they like to take an ‘out of the box’ approach when it comes to treating pediatric eye concerns. They seek to help transform the lives of young people who are frustrated and seeking answers after the normal approach of treating vision symptoms did not improve their ability to learn. Their practice uses developmental, behavioral, and neuro-optometry vision treatments to help their young patients overcome vision-related learning difficulties.

Their pediatric eye care techniques are geared toward helping children overcome several different conditions that can severely impact a child’s ability to learn. This includes such things as Strabismus, more commonly known as ‘crossed eyes’. Those children with this condition have eyes that cannot continuously look at an object simultaneously due to their misalignment. Austin Vision Therapy Center’s treatment for Strabismus helps a patient rehabilitate their eyes so they can eventually overcome the learning problems which are attributed to this condition.

This pediatric vision center has also experienced great success in treating those children affected by amblyopia. Most people would recognize this by its more common name ‘lazy eye’. When this happens the vision in one eye is reduced because that eye and the brain are not working properly together. Even though the affected eye itself looks normal in this case, it is not being used properly by the brain. This causes the brain to increase its dependence on the eye it is functioning normally with.

The center’s advanced pediatric vision techniques have also greatly benefitted those that are suffering from attention deficit disorders and are recovering from traumatic brain injuries.

Trish Morley Marchand had this to say on a Facebook review about the pediatric eye care that her daughter received at Austin Vision Therapy Center; “My 10-year-old daughter Madison has been going to The Center for Vision Therapy for one year now. We’ve seen incredible improvements during that time - in her tracking, eye focus and ability to determine if a shape which has been flipped or rotated is the same as the original. These improvements have been great, but the most amazing result is that my daughter has finally become a reader and now loves to read.”

The company is now offering its pediatric vision care services in the Waco, Texas area too. A Google Map pinpointing the location of their new Waco office can be seen here at towards the bottom of the page. The hours at this new office are Tuesday from 9:00 am - 6:00 pm, Wednesday from 8:00 am - 7:00 pm, and Thursday from 9:00 am - 7:00 pm. This office is closed on Mondays and Fridays.

Austin Vision Therapy Center’s website also describes in much more detail all of the different vision treatments that they offer. The website even offers a unique look at each of the vision specialists that work for them and their areas of vision therapy expertise. There is also a special form on the website that an interested party can fill out if they would like to schedule a free consultation with one of the doctors to address their child’s visual concerns.


For more information about Austin Vision Therapy Center, contact the company here:

Austin Vision Therapy Center
Dr. Denise Smith
(571) 248-0700
5656 Bee Caves Road Building D, Suite 201 Austin, TX 78746

ReleaseID: 60030985

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