The Latest: Australian party leader vows action on climate

Apr 11, 2019

Australia's opposition leader says his government will take "real action on climate change" and reduce inequality in Australian society if his party wins elections on May 18

Authorities warn wildfires threaten Australian towns

Mar 5, 2019

Authorities warn that more homes are threatened by wildfires that have burnt dozens of homes and buildings in rural southeast Australia

Grounded ship leaks 80 tons of oil near Pacific UNESCO site

Mar 1, 2019

Australian officials say an environmental disaster is unfolding in the Solomon Islands after a large ship ran aground and began leaking oil next to a UNESCO World Heritage site

China says coal handling delayed by environmental checks

Feb 22, 2019

China says delays in handling of Australian coal due to environmental checks

January was officially Australia's hottest month on record

Feb 1, 2019

Australia has sweltered through its hottest month on record in January and the summer of extremes continues with wildfires razing the drought-parched south while expanses of the tropical north are flooded

Thousands of fish die in 3rd mass death in Australian river

Jan 28, 2019

Thousands of fish die in 3rd mass death in Australian river as hot weather sparks algal bloom

Trip to Haiti makes Naomi Osaka appreciate her good life

Jan 21, 2019

Trip to Haiti makes Naomi Osaka appreciate her good life as she reaches Australian Open quarterfinals

Australian state to pump oxygen into rivers as fish die

Jan 15, 2019

An Australian state government has announced plans to mechanically pump oxygen into lakes and rivers after hundreds of thousands of fish have died in heatwave conditions

51 pilot whales die in another mass stranding in New Zealand

Nov 30, 2018

Fifty-one pilot whales have died in a another mass stranding in New Zealand, less than a week after 145 pilot whales died in a different part of the country

Former coup leaders battle for control in Fiji election

Nov 13, 2018

Two men who led different military coups in Fiji are battling for control of the island nation in a general election on Wednesday

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