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December 03, 2019 - /PressAdvantage/ - AP Precision Metals Inc., a San Diego based welding company, would like to make the residents of San Diego that have been searching for local welding services and anything similar aware of the company’s offerings. “If you’re undertaking a commercial or residential project, you might be wondering how you may find a reputable expert in the field,” says the company. “AP Precision Metals is one of the most experienced welding shops nearby, offering a range of high-quality welding services for individuals, contractors, and commercial companies.” Find out more here: Welding Services Near Me.

The welding company has a highly sophisticated production facility and well-trained, experienced and skilled staff. These factors allow the company to provide welding services for a wide variety of different projects. From architectural projects, robotics, design, landscaping and whatever else one might imagine, the AP Precision Metals team has the tools and skills needed to deliver top quality work. The company takes pride in offering a level of quality and consistency rarely found anywhere else, and they guarantee that customers will be satisfied with the results.

There are a variety of services on offer for a number of different applications. Gas Tungsten Arc Welding, for example is quite effective for aluminum, steel, stainless steel, brass and copper. Gas Tungsten Arc Welding, or TIG as it is sometimes called, is a highly versatile option that is known for producing highly precise and strong results, and it has proven quite effective. Shielded Metal Arc Welding is another of the welding services offered; it is ideal for steel and stainless steel materials. This process is done by stick welding, which does not require the use of shielding gases, making it perfect for difficult to reach places. Some of the other welding techniques employed by AP Precision Metals’ team of experts include spot welding, brazing, soldering and much more.

AP Precision Metals was founded in 1998 by Lane Litke and Victor Miller. The company was launched in response to the growing demand for reliable metal products for Litke and Miller’s robotics company, Arc Products. Since then, they have greatly expanded their customer base thanks to their focus on quality and reliability. “Today, we still retain our founding principle: to be a stable, long-term, precision metal fabricator for small and medium sized businesses in the region,” says AP Precision Metals. “Many of our employees have been with us since the very beginning. A generous profit sharing model and a focus on regular training has allowed us to take many employees from unskilled labor to high-paid technicians. We take pride in the customers we serve and just as much pride in the health and success of our team and their families.”

Since 1998, the company has served hundreds of customers, and many of them were so pleased with the service that they left 5-Star reviews of the company online. “I am a homeowner and had a job making some stainless sheet metal parts for a custom BBQ,” says John Noneman in his 5-Star Google review of the company. “The guys at AP Precision responded quickly, were great to work with and helped in the design details. The parts came out exactly the way I wanted. They were a great company to work with and they really know how to treat customers, large or small.”

Another customer left a 5-Star review on the same platform stating, “AP Precision has been one of our most reliable manufacturers and we would recommend them to anyone. We have been working with AP for about a year now and we have nothing but great things to say. Compared to other shops we have worked with, they have beat them all on customer service, quality, delivery time, and price. We will continue using them for all our metal stamping.”

Anyone that has been searching online for a, “Welding Shop Near Me,” in the San Diego area can end their search today with AP Precision Metals Inc. Find out more about the company, their services and welding in general online on their website. The company also has a Facebook page through which customers can interact with the company and be the first to learn about new developments.


For more information about AP Precision Metals Inc., contact the company here:

AP Precision Metals Inc.
1215 30th Street
San Diego, CA 92154
P: 619-628-0003

ReleaseID: 60032735

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