CoinSpot Launches New Gold Standard

CoinSpot lists new “Gold Standard”, a gold-backed digital asset and stablecoin.

September 20, 2019 / / —

Australia’s most popular crypto exchange, CoinSpot, has just listed the new “Gold Standard”, the first-of-its-kind gold-backed digital asset and stablecoin. And it’s not just gold; Gold Standard is joined by its silver equivalent, Silver Standard. This new offering will give newcomers and crypto traders an asset-backed crypto token using the Ethereum blockchain. The tokens allow longer term investment as well as a stablecoin for traders to park profits in-between trades without converting to Aussie dollars.

Uniquely, the Gold and Silver Standard tokens are backed 100% by real physical gold and silver bullion already vaulted, insured and verified in the high regulatory, geopolitically safe environment of Australia. Each AUS (Gold Standard) and AGS (Silver Standard) token equals 1gram of each metal with their price pegged to the spot price of each metal. Gold & Silver Standard were created by Ainslie Bullion, one of Australia’s largest and oldest bullion dealers (Est 1974).

Director, Paul Engeman says, “we’ve successfully combined the security, transparency, and efficiency of the blockchain with the world’s oldest and most trusted forms of monetary value in their physical form. That we have done this within the stable and high regulatory environment of Australia makes these uniquely safe.”

Both tokens are redeemable for gold and silver bullion through Ainslie at no charge and the bullion can be delivered anywhere in Australia. The Gold & Silver Standard both represent an unmatched ability to cost-effectively build a holding of gold or silver without the cost and logistics of freight and storage. We are pleased to announce that AUS and AGS are listed as tokens available to buy and sell instantly with CoinSpot, Australia’s leading digital currency platform. This provides the investment community an easily accessible stablecoin with capital appreciation prospects.

There are over 1.7 million tokens available from day one and this will grow with demand. This makes the Gold & Silver Standard unique in the market as a scalable liquidity provided by a trusted bullion expert. All the bullion backing the tokens is already stored in Australia’s largest high-security vault, Reserve Vault, insured by the world’s leading insurer, and verified by global accounting and assurance firm, BDO. Every bar has a unique serial number linked to a blockchain transaction ID (TXID) for when it is minted and burned. At any time, anyone can verify that the number of grams tokenized equals the number of grams vaulted.

For more information about Gold Standard, please contact Steven Vawdrey on 0414931023, or email Please address any postal queries to 4 Golfers Crescent, Tamborine Mountain and check out their website for any further information you need.

Contact Info:
Name: Steven Vawdrey
Email: Send Email
Organization: Gold Standard
Address: 4 Golfers Crescent, Tamborine Mountain
Phone: 0414931023


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