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Papua New Guinea gov't says it won't pay for 40 luxury cars

Oct 11, 2018

The Papua New Guinea government has taken delivery of 40 luxury Maserati cars to drive world leaders around during a summit next month, but has also assured the poor South Pacific island nation's taxpayers that they won't pay for the extravagance

Australia, Japan agree to keep pressure on North Korea

Oct 10, 2018

Australia and Japan have reaffirmed their commitment to pressure North Korea to abandon its nuclear weapons program and enforce sanctions on Pyongyang

Australia mulls banning some immigrants from biggest cities

Oct 9, 2018

Starting a new life in Australia might not come with views of the Sydney Opera House or surfing at Sydney's Bondi Beach with the government considering a ban on some immigrants from settling in big cities

US Marines leader in Australia replaced over alcohol charge

Oct 8, 2018

The U.S. Marine Corps says the commander of more than 1,500 Marines in northern Australia was relieved of his duties after police caught him driving under the influence of alcohol

Planned racing ad on sails of Sydney Opera House divisive

Oct 8, 2018

A plan to project a horse racing advertisement on the famed sails of the Sydney Opera House is dividing Australians

New Zealand fines travelers who won't unlock secure devices

Oct 4, 2018

Visitors to New Zealand can be fined $3,243 for refusing to provide passwords to unlock electronic devices and allow customs officials to examine them under a new law that a civil liberties group condemned as a grave invasion of privacy

Inquiry's report criticizes Australian banking misbehavior

Sep 28, 2018

Government inquiry's interim report criticizes Australian banking misbehavior

Australian broadcaster's chairman quits over politics claims

Sep 27, 2018

The chairman of the Australian Broadcasting Corp. has resigned over allegations he pressured the independent national broadcaster to fire 2 political journalists because the conservative government disliked them

Admired abroad, New Zealand leader faces hurdles at home

Sep 25, 2018

New Zealand's Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is visiting New York this week for the U.N. General Assembly and has announced a number of high-profile media interviews she'll be doing

New Zealand celebrates 125 years of women having the vote

Sep 19, 2018

New Zealand became the first nation in the world to allow women to vote 125 years ago, and hundreds of people celebrated the anniversary by turning out to gatherings and speeches

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