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AP Interview: New Zealand leader finds new focus as a parent

Aug 3, 2018

New Zealand's Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says focusing on the basic needs of her baby girl has helped her appreciate why people with young families may not find time for politics

Australia says US, Japan partnership doesn't challenge China

Jul 31, 2018

An Australian minister says a new infrastructure partnership with the United States and Japan does not challenge growing Chinese investment in the Indo-Pacific region

Guam lawmakers request probe into unpaid tobacco taxes

Jul 30, 2018

Guam officials have requested federal agencies to investigate allegations of tax evasion and cigarette smuggling by a tobacco distributor

Australian minister visits East Timor to repairs relations

Jul 30, 2018

Australia's foreign minister is visiting East Timor to repair bilateral tries after a bitter dispute over oil and gas revenue

Florida students commemorate classmates on New Zealand visit

Jul 24, 2018

28 students who survived the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, have planted trees thousands of miles away in New Zealand to commemorate those who died

Soldier's skull, long in US medical museum, buried in France

Jul 21, 2018

An Australian soldier's skull has been buried in a French war grave a century after it was taken for eventual display in a Philadelphia medical museum

Australia continues bid to return IS suspect from Turkey

Jul 20, 2018

The Australian prime minister says his government will not give up its quest to prosecute an Australian Islamic State group suspect despite a Turkish court rejecting an extradition application

Australian prime minister calls on pope to fire archbishop

Jul 19, 2018

Australia's prime minister has called on Pope Francis to fire an Australian archbishop who is the most senior Roman Catholic cleric ever convicted for covering up child sexual abuse

Australia succeeds in stopping migrants but many in limbo

Jul 18, 2018

Australia drew a line in the sand on July 19, 2013, to stem a rising tide of asylum seekers brought by people smugglers on long and treacherous ocean voyages

Usain Bolt to make run at pro soccer in Australia

Jul 17, 2018

Trading spikes for boots, Usain Bolt ready to make run at pro soccer in Australia

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